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" Champagne, a symbol of prestige and conviviality serves all the good moments of our lifetime. From the aperitif to the dessert, Alain Bernard Champagnes, exclusively produced from Premiers Crus and from Grands Crus (the best wines) are bound to have a suitable place. Their regularity and their pure flavour will seduce you and this is thanks to a development corresponding to hand-made and centuries-old methods and guaranteeing you an optimal quality ! We would be glad to welcome you in our cellars where you will enjoy all the delicacy that makes our wines"

Isabelle and Benoît BERNARD

Our range


This wine is only elaborated with the first juice of the press.

To the nose: A fresh wine with initial notes of grapefruit and citrus aromas.

On the palate: Smooth and fresh easy to drink, round. Citrus notes which develop on white fruits such as pear.

FOOD PAIRING AND CELLAR MASTER’S NOTES: An easy-to-drink Champagne, perfect with friends, at aperitif, cocktail, weddings… It is a Champagne of conviviality by excellence at any occasion. It is balanced and fresh, elegant and charming.

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If you like sweeter Champagnes or if you drink them at the dessert. It’s the same wine as the Tradition one, yet, with more proportioning (more sugar added at the discharging).


The grapes come from Dizy, Premier Cru (La grande Vallée de la Marne) and from a specific plot called « Les grains d’argent ». The soil is chalky and the vines are 30 years old.

To the nose: Floral notes (white flowers, hawthorn and vine-flower), citrus aromas (Lemon), fruity aromas of green apple along with a very slight and delicate touch of fresh mint.

En bouche: Smooth with a fresh and lively long-lasting.

FOOD PAIRING AND CELLAR MASTER’S NOTES: An easy-to-drink Champagne, as an aperitif, it can be served on any occasion. It matches any seafood or white flesh-fish or white meat such as poultry with a creamy dressing.

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HISTOIRE DE FÛT100% Chardonnay - EXTRA BRUT - Millésime 2013

This Blanc de Blancs fermented ten months in oak barrel of 600 liters without Malo lactic fermentation.

To the nose: white flowers, citrus with a little smoked touch .

En bouche: fresh and powerful .Smooth with lively long-lasting. Very delicate smoked notes in final.

FOOD PAIRING AND CELLAR MASTER’S NOTES: The freschness of this top on the range product and the extent of the aromas are for an excellent aperitif. He will invite to nobly on a bush of crayfish, a carpaccio of scallops or a tartare of Dublin Bay prawns.

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50% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir. 2013 was an exceptional year in Champagne, yielding the desired acidity and alcohol content.

To the nose: A toasted, brioche and buttery aroma. A hint of roasted cocoa bean and grilled almonds, followed by a dash of hazelnut oil.

En bouche: A particularily dense and structured Champagne of a great finesse. It evokes smoked tea and grilled almond notes, with a fresh hint of grapefruit and citrus aromas.

FOOD PAIRING AND CELLAR MASTER’S NOTES: A luxurious aperitif very compatible with foie gras, roasted scallops, bay prawns a l’orange, a roasted hen with cream ...

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From Dizy and Hautvillers, Premier Cru (la Grande Vallée de la Marne). The soil is chalky and the vines are 25 years old.

To the nose: aromatic, on ripe red fruit aromas and fresh grape.

En bouche: a frank, creamy and ample attack with a pleasant sensation of freshly crushed grape. It ends on red fruit aromas and on a flavor of praline. Very long - lasting in mouth with a fresh finish.

FOOD PAIRING AND CELLAR MASTER’S NOTES: It will be perfect with a duck fillet with red fruits, a just roasted steak and a red fruits soup. Marvelous with the macaroons.

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Alain Bernard was rewarded “Best young talent of the year” for this wonderful cuvee.

To the nose: Aromatic and complex, this cuvee develops red fruit aromas, a light and delicate touch of pink-pomelo enhancing the whole range of aromas.

En bouche: The first sensation of freshness, rapidly conveys much more developed aromas of mulberry and red fruits which end on a praline aroma. A long ageing

FOOD PAIRING AND CELLAR MASTER’S NOTES: A wide panel of sensations will develop when served with: Young game (partridge, pigeons, deer), with cherries or chestnuts, mashed potatoes with fine slices of truffles. For a dessert, it matches well with any red fruit composition or any red fruit salad with fresh green leaves. Perfect with a chocolate cake with crystallized cherries or candied fruits.

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Harvest 2010: high of alcohol and acidity.

To the nose: Very aromatic and complex wine which develops red fruit aromas and opening on smoky and slightly toasted notes.

En bouche: A predominant note of red fruit but also orange and the final with smoky notes which conveys a powerful feeling.

FOOD PAIRING AND CELLAR MASTER’S NOTES: A luxury aperitif. Goes well with a composition of thin slices of truffles, of beetroot and thin layers of scallops. Any kind of fish such as grilled red mullets, crushed and peeled tomatoes, sprinkled with fresh basilic. It can match very well a roasted wild hen with morels enhancing the wide and wonderful sensations of this noble and rare Champagne.

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ESPRIT D’ARTHUR Extra Brut - 100% Pinot Noir

Like all our Champagne, it is made with the Cuvee (first juice of the press). It ages on lees during 48 months.

To the nose: Brioche notes, slightly iodized nose, saline.

En bouche: Powerful, complex and elegant. The maturity of the Pinots gives it a good long-lasting.

FOOD PAIRING AND CELLAR MASTER’S NOTES: A Champagne of degustation, perfect with caviar, shellfish and raw fish, which can have its place on a mature meat.

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The Champagne house Alain Bernard, a family business since 1912, is located in Dizy, a village in the heart of the Marne department, a stone's throw from Epernay, the world capital city of Champagne.

Our shared passion, enhanced by a slow apprenticeship at our parents’ side is the guarantee of a family know-how and is enriched by new experiences on a daily basis.

Patience, self-discipline and respect of the traditional methods are the values adopted by us over the time.

We would be pleased to welcome you in our cellars where you could enjoy all the care given to our wines. Discover our know-how and our vintage by visiting our website. Enjoy it.

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